Steps to build your own house From start to finish, ready to move in


Steps to build your own house From start to finish, ready to move in There are guidelines to recommend. Budget and the desired house

1. Think about a rough house plan. That we want For example, how many floors are there, how many balconies are there, and what areas are there?

2. Set a rough budget. Of home construction And decorate all

3. Go to contact a designer, architect And give a rough idea of ​​what we want in order for the craftsman to draw the materials used and give advice according to the budget set.

4. When the model is satisfied, must apply for permission to build a house from the municipality. Documents include

4.1 Application for building construction permission (Khor.1)

4.2 Plan plans, amount 5 sets

4.3 Certificate of being a designer, architect With a copy of the license

4.4 A copy of the title deed for the construction of the house

4.5 Copy of ID card Or the house registration of the homeowners to build

5. When the municipality has approved it Next is the process of building a house according to the designs. It will be divided according to the order of construction steps, namely

5.1 Hammer the foundations of the beams and set the columns on the ground floor. If it is a two-story house The upper beam has to be cast. And a pole for receiving Second floor roof too

5.2 Roofing and plastering walls, installing jamb to the ceiling.

5.3 Paving materials, tile floors, doors, windows, water pipes installation. Install if there is a water reserve tank and and a water pump.

5.4 Wall tiles Installation of sanitary ware, painting, wiring, lighting installation

5.5 Keep details of the house.

5.6 Decorate the house as designed, may include wallpaper, built-in furniture, appliances, curtains.

5.7 Device storage Building materials and landscaping, planting trees and lawn as expected.

6. When a construction worker is complete Before home delivery We have to go to check the house’s tidy. ออกแบบบ้าน


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