Energy efficient home Thailand is considered one of the nation that designs


Energy efficient home It is popular to use wood to build houses. Has a spacious terrace Each house prefers to make large windows. The energy-saving home is another way to help conserve. The natural environment is a limited use of energy. And it is energy that cannot be replaced with each other. While still meeting the needs And values ​​of the current era completely With a focus on the study and analysis of concepts in the application of the environment Of a warming climate to help combine with modern technology And other related elements

Design benefits Energy efficient home

Reduce the burden of the home air conditioning system

Promote energy conservation and cost-effective use To get the most benefit can control the environment in the comfort zone according to the needs. Contributes to a good quality of life for the residents

Energy efficient home design Relying on design techniques Keep the air in the house cool and pleasant by using the trees around the house. As a temperature regulator Of the air in the house to be appropriate Without needing to use air conditioner as the main By relying on the following building projects

Outside of the house West side And the southwest should be airy, no buildings or large structures blocking the wind direction, the best way to design a lawn. Planting perennials to shade. So that the wind blows cool air from the trees into the house

The walls of the house should be constructed from heat-insulating materials such as prefabricated walls. Where the insulation is installed

If using glass instead of a solid wall The glass should be protected. Do not expose to sunlight all day. Therefore should install glass to the north Or with eaves and awnings Long enough to prevent the exposure of the sun

The roof should have a shape that allows. Let the air blow into the roof cavity. That are large enough To drive out the hot air under the roof And lining insulation To the ceiling of the upper room

Flooring should be a material that can bring up the coolness of the soil below, for example, should use floor tiles. Because it has a feature to make the room cool Without the need for air conditioning  ออกแบบบ้าน


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