Architect is the dream of many children, but some people do not know.


Architect is a child’s dream. An architect is a thinker, inventor to design buildings. Buildings to be beautiful and modern and to control the construction with engineers. The main goal is to design various types of buildings to be beautiful and in accordance with the landscape, climate, law, application of knowledge, both artistic and technical abilities. Taking into account the utility and saving Both in terms of cost of construction and energy to meet the needs of the residents. And building users

Characteristics of the person who will become the architect

Have a good foundation in mathematics

Be creative


Have computer programming skills in drawing and design.

It has the ability to apply materials for maximum usability.

Having good human relations, able to work with one another

Good health Able to work in other provinces or abroad


Architects serving in civil service are paid a salary based on educational background. Architects working with the private sector will receive a gross salary of between 15,000 -20,000 baht, depending on their skills and experience in the internship while studying, receiving benefits according to the labor law and other benefits such as bonuses depending on Turnover There are also other benefits, such as a bonus based on earnings, for example.The income level of an architect usually depends on the level of position, from Architect Assistant, Junior Architect, Architect. Senior Architect, Design Director, Architect Director สถาปนิก


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