8 things you should know Why should you hire an architect?

8 things
8 things

8 things you should know What is the role of an architect really? And why do I need an architect? Let’s find out.

1. The architect understands the purpose of the project owner. Including the basic elements, including the overview and suitability of that project



2. Architects can design to meet the needs of the project owner. Architects look to design to meet needs rather than what you think, and architects design to accommodate future changes in your business.



3. Architects can solve problems on the spot. Architects can solve many problems through the design process with new perspectives creatively.



4. Architects can plan the steps in a correct order. Hiring an architect to design from the beginning of the project He will be able to plan your workflow, find options and solutions to reduce your expenses and costs. Because architects see opportunities that suit your business. (Including your own house)



5. Architects can help you reduce your expenses greatly. Believe it or not… hiring an architect can save you enormous expenditures and valuable management of your money. To be suitable for investment as possible !!



6. Architects save you energy and money in the long run. Taking into account the surrounding context and design by the architect can save you building energy and money over the long term. It can also increase the value of your future buildings.



7. The architect can help you manage and manage your business in all areas. The architect will manage the Taru for you from the selection of land purchase. Along with construction management Coordinating with different teams From designers, survey teams, engineers, government agencies, contractors, as well as material procurement. (All of these are included in the design cost.



8. What is an architect? Architects are thinkers and create works that meet the needs of the main users. It also takes into account the context and the environmental impact. สถาปนิก


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